For more than 15 years ago GROW S.A. It is the appropriate partner for the supply from South America in the fields of organic, dried fruits, seeds as well as in its division Oleochemicals, Oils & Derivatives.

Our company aims to be partner of its customers and suppliers to achieve the maintenance of international business long term.

Companies around the world GROW deposited in finding the best deal in terms of price, quality assurance, sustainability and service for their products where the only objective is the development of partners and not spots sales. Our commitment is linked to the reliability, flexibility, efficiency and dynamism, that throughout our history, has allowed us to grow sustainably.

GROW is led by professionals in international trade and a team in each of the sectors in which it specializes. Every business we manage both operational and commercial way in terms of quality as our own at all stages. Currently we have projects and businesses in the 5 continents in both conventional products and organic raw materials.


Tapalqué 7001 (1440)
Buenos Aires –Argentina


+54 11 6084-4717/6766